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Bed Trenching

With Lawn Masters bed trenching services, your natural areas and landscaped beds will be clearly defined and beautifully enhanced!

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Aeration & Over-Seeding

Lawn Masters can help your grass BREATHE! With core aeration we remove small plugs of soil throughout your lawn to improve the flow of air, water, and fertilizer into the root zone of the lawn.

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Leaf Blowing & Removal

When autumn rolls around, one of the most dreaded annual rituals by homeowners accompanies it: getting rid of the leaves in your yard.


Landscape Design

Our design service is built around a single purpose: to provide our clients with the finest landscape designs for their home or business, and to produce these designs in the quickest and most relevant route possible.

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Landscape Lighting

You have made a substantial investment in your home and landscaping, and you shouldn't let it all fade into the darkness once the sun sets. Lawn Masters Outdoor Lighting Professionals can help you elevate the value of this investment.


Pine Needling & Mulching

The famous Lawn Masters red Carolina pine needles will enhance the appearance of any landscape. They insulate natural beds from extreme temperatures and retain moisture in the soil.

Lawn Mowing


Keeping your lawn looking great every time you pull in your driveway takes a lot of time and effort. Sure you could do it yourself, but with your busy and active lifestyle, why not leave it to the pros?

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Premium Lawn Care Program

Lawn Masters of the Triad will bring new life to your lawn with our custom blended sod-quality seed, continuous weed monitoring, and fertilization.


Irrigation Repair

Providing irrigation repair for most types of systems to include Toro, Hunter and Rainbird.  Also offer spring turn on service which includes examining the sprinkler heads for any damage and notifying the homeowner and adjusting heads to maximize coverage of lawn and fall turn off for the winterizing of the system.

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