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Lawn Care Program

Lawn Masters of the Triad will bring new life to your lawn with our custom blended sod-quality seed, continuous weed monitoring, and fertilization. We offer a complete seven-step lawn care application program specifically formulated to enrich your lawn with essential nutrients and eliminate unwanted weeds. We specially customize our program to suite the specific needs of your yard; Yards By Us even offers an organic lawn care application program.

Continuous Monitoring

Lawn Masters of the Triad inspects your lawn, and determines its needs before the first lawn treatment is made. Each treatment is recorded and the lawn is continuously monitored to ensure it is progressing as scheduled. If a problem develops between applications, you can contact our office and Lawn Masters of the Triad will dispatch a Lawn Care Specialist to address the problem.


Lime Soil pH Control

An application of lime is calculated from the soil analysis to balance pH levels and correct soil mineral levels (pH measures the acidity and alkalinity of the soil). For quality turf grass, soil pH should be kept near a level of 7.0. When pH is not in range the effective use of nutrients in the soil is lost. An application of lime, usually in pelletized form, raises soil pH and adds calcium. This product is spread at a rate of 50 pounds per 1,000 square feet.


Bermuda Grass Control and Kill-Out

This program consists of doing what's called a 'kill out' of the warm season turf, typically known as Bermuda Grass. During the month of August, Lawn Masters of the Triad will come out four times, roughly one week apart, and apply herbicide to kill out the unwanted Bermuda Grass. Timing is very important to the success of this treatment. This approach selectively suppresses Bermuda without killing the entire lawn. Timing is crucial to the success of this treatment program. Contact our office to ensure proper scheduling.


Crabgrass and Annual Weed Prevention

Two applications of crabgrass pre-emergency are made during the spring season to prevent crabgrass and controllable annual weeds from invading the lawn throughout the season.

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