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Leaf Blowing & Removal

When autumn rolls around, one of the most dreaded annual rituals by homeowners accompanies it: getting rid of the leaves in your yard. At Lawn Masters of the Triad, we believe that leaf removal is the best solution to keep your lawn looking its best, and to keep turf diseases and unattractive dead spots at bay. Lawn Masters of the Triad has highly time-efficient commercial equipment to remove leaves from your lawn and landscape so that your property quickly becomes leaf-free.


Our Process

The professionals at Lawn Masters of the Triad ensure that leaves are blown into natural areas, wooded sections, or front curbs for curbside pick-up. Leaves can also be hauled away from your property*.

During the months of October-January we provide weekly, bi-weekly, and one-time leaf blowing services. Most customers have us visit their property on a weekly basis to avoid lawn damage.

We will rake, and blow all leaves, twigs, fallen branches, acorns, nuts, and gumballs from your lawn and landscape areas.

*Additional charge applies

Service Pricing

Leaf Blowing is a timed service. We only charge for the time spent on your property.

*Prices matched only on written estimates by reputable lawn care services, at the discretion of Lawn Masters of the Triad.

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